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The history of the ‘Kherson girls’ marriage agency started almost 12 years ago after an attempt to create a free dating site where lonely women from Kherson could get acquainted with men from western countries. Database of brides was widening very fast – there were so many of those who wished to create their profiles that programmers had to remake the site software several times. Interest to Ukrainian brides at that time was growing rapidly – Russian brides popular in the past (1) were forgotten and Slavic beauty and femininity became a fashionable trend.

The south of Ukraine – Odessa, Nikolayev, and Kherson were always famous for their ladies- beauties. Attractive, feminine, sexy, and hot girls were very popular among men, but not just due to their bright beauty. Their human qualities and characteristics, commitment to classic family values and knowing how to be good housewives were a determinative factor for many men.

Since 2000-ies brides’ by mail business became very popular in Ukraine, and the number of dating agencies roared ahead. As ‘Kherson girls’ was invented first of all as a free service, it became very hard for us to defy competition with big American companies who opened their branches in Kherson. We couldn’t offer our clients free photo sessions and services of translators, we also lost in quality of services rendered by us.

After several years of such struggle we decided to take a decision to become a part of the biggest dating service in Ukraine ukrainianbrides.ru that specializes on dates for serious relationships and a marriage with Ukrainian brides. Today in the database of the site there are more than 200 girls and women from Kherson.

If you are lonely – pay attention at these ladies. Young and not very young, always attractive, feminine, stylish and well-dresses, well-tended… There have always been many lonely women in Ukraine, but there has never been so many of them as there are now.

More than one third of women younger than 40 are lonely, and they almost have no opportunity to arrange their personal life. Many of them have a prestigious work, friends, life success, but nevertheless they don’t have the main thing – a family.
Probably, they look for you and maybe you are looking for one of them…

The best time for a trip to Kherson is when city beaches start working. Hot Girls in bikini, sun, music and cheer
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