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Question: Lately more and more Ukrainian girls try to find a husband abroad. Why are they dissatisfied with their men? Why are brides from Ukraine ready to leave everything and go to live in a foreign country with a different mentality?

1. You shouldn’t think that Ukrainian women are too choiceful and have inflated requirements to men. It’s just a lack of fiancés. Today every eights woman older than 30 can’t find a stable partner. It turns out that candidates are either married or can’t offer anything to a woman.
2. Unfortunately, economy of our country goes through not its best times. Men can’t earn as much as they need for normal existing of a family. That’s why girls have to think of their bread themselves. There are much more perspectives to find a good work abroad.

Yes, really, as almost all dating agencies that render services for lonely western men assert. This stereotype (as well as many others) of foreigners about Ukrainian women aren’t true. Ukrainian women are much more family-oriented than European women. In Ukraine values of a traditional family have been preserved to a great extent: a man is the head of a family and a person who does the hard work, a woman plays a role of a mother, she carries the burden of a household.

Question: Is it real to find a good wife in Ukraine?

Yes. The best evidence for this are real stories of marriage of Ukrainian girls with foreigners. Some couples that formed due to our site share stories of their acquaintance with those who still doubt a possibility of love through the internet, a reality of international relations or just make their first steps on their way of virtual dates. We hope very much that these real stories of real people will help you to change your life drastically and find your happiness.
In this article we answered to only 3 main questions about our brides of many of them. About a character and temper, about woman’s qualities and characteristics, mentality, advantages and disadvantages of Ukrainian women you can read in more details on the site areukrainianwomen.com