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Do you have problems with sexy Ukrainian women, while your friend has no problems? Maybe you're just the kind of man who scares off the opposite sex. Certain types of men can attract women or discourage them. This is especially significant when dating.

The following are named and described as masculine traits that scare women. Knowing them, you will be able to control yourself and make a favorable first impression.

  1. Women are in need of attention.
  2. He was very emotional, divided with you all his experiences and feelings. He constantly doubts himself; he needs to hear that all is well between you, that he has a good job, friends, etc. Sexually attractive character traits in men are confidence and independence. Women strive to get a man strong of spirit, so your sentiment may scare her at the stage of dating. But as you know, women are being mixed them together Bring the two opposite qualities. Your sincerity will be your trump card, when you get close and some will develop a relationship. Then you can talk heart to heart as much as a woman would even want to know what you have in mind and heart.
  3. Predictable
  4. It’s boring to talk to a man who always acts according to the template and never has any surprises. Unpredictability and the spirit of freedom attract sexy ukrainian women, so they often give themselves to the "bad guys". This does not mean that you must become a "bad guy". Just be varied, mix of predictability and unpredictability. For example, a sudden call and invite her to dinner or a trip to the country.

  5. Arrogant
  6. He’s condescending towards people and talks to them as if they are worse and more stupid than he is. He is rude to those he considers beneath him. A woman appreciates a man by how he interacts with others. Thus, she predicts how a man will talk to her when their closer acquaintance. If you want to impress a woman, show more respect to others. Remember, she is watching you.
  7. Uncultured
  8. He candidly examines other women in her presence and maybe even flirts with them. It does not bother him. He can talk about his past victories in love. In general, all this shows is that he does not respect women. Such behavior is not pleasing a woman, both on stage of dating, and on the stage of a serious relationship.
  9. Greedy
  10. He invites a woman to a date and subtly hints that it would be nice if she paid. He once again does not shell out money for flowers and always orders cheap wine. Since the first meeting a woman feels in the regime of austerity. Speaking about a limited budget and saving money are not appropriate for a first date. At the stage of courtship, a woman should feel special, otherwise nothing will happen.
  11. Wrangler
  12. He turns every conversation into a verbal battle. The woman at the same time does not feel comfortable, she has to defend herself and think about what she says. Always arguing with your lover is very stressful. If you have such a feature, try to relax during the interview, as the desire to start a dispute with you is due to the fact that you are nervous and do not know what to say. Pre-and think about possible topics for discussion and questions you can ask your companion.
  13. He always thinks he’s right
  14. Such a man feels entitled to judge others. On the first date, he begins to point out to the woman would she should and shouldn’t do. This behavior does nothing but cause a sense of irritation and anger in her. Who likes that his jaw and even start on the first date.