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The center of summer life of Kherson are numerous beaches of surrounding basins on which you can get a wonderful suntan by exposing your body tired of everyday sitting in an office and bathing enough in a cool water enough. That’s what Kherson girls do at the very first opportunity – beach number one in the list of their summer wishes.

Not to sound baseless we offer you to look at several photos made in Hydropark and on the ‘Molodyozhniy’ beach – the most popular places of rest of the hottest Kherson ladies.

sexy girls on beach Kherson   hot ukrainian bikini girls

From the sunrise till deep night on any beach of Kherson you can come across a great number of women. Very young girls – students and older ladies, blondes, brunettes, tall and short, slim and chubby… Some prefer lounging on a beach and drinking refreshing drinks from the nearby bar, and some can make boat tours. Some find occupations to their liking - water aerobics, beach volleyball, football, bananas, double canoes, water skis as well as windsurfing. Some people aren’t against starting new romantic acquaintance at all. Sun, sea and absence of clothes (not talking about bikini) promote a rapid course of events.

kherson lady - beaches of kherson

These are Kherson beaches that are the best place for those who value women’s beauty and those who love slim bodies. As a beach isn’t an autumn park where well-chosen clothes, a well-made make-up and shoes on high heels help Kherson ladies disorientate guys passing by and make the hottest things of grey mice. A beach means freedom for girls with awesome figures and beautiful forms. Slim bodies, emphasized with little bikini, smiles, laughter, and cheer are an ideal setting for flirtation and romantic acquaintances. Not in vain the majority of resort romances for Kherson girls are started on a beach…

hot bodies of ukrainian girls- photos on the beach

For being objective one should say that many girls prefer beaches of Odessa for rest. There are much more comfortable conditions, a sea is cleaner and there are more entertainments. Clubs and restaurants, a bright and remembering night life, new acquaintances, and romance dates attract as a magnet lonely girls from Kherson, Nikolayev, and Arcadia – the capital of summer rest. So lovers of hot Ukrainian girls should visit Odessa. Probably, it’s not the cheapest place of rest in Ukraine, but believe it’s worth it!