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Kherson is in the southern part of Ukraine, not far from Azov and Black Sea. It’s a wonderful city. That’s why here are many tourists in all seasons.

During its 200-year-old history the city went through a long way from a small settlement to a cradle of Black Sea Navy Fleet to a well-developed cultural and industrial center, one of leaders on ship and machine-building. Today it’s a regional center, a big railway junction, a single city in the country that has a sea and river port.

Kherson was founded in 1778 by a defense chief and politician Grigoriy Potemkin as a fortress for defense of regained Black Sea. The city became the first Russian naval station and dockyard on the Black Sea. Before Kherson there existed a small Russian settlement.

The main place of interest of Kherson is the historical city center with a building of the XIXth century as well as Kherson fortress of the XVIIIth century in which remains of ramparts and gates of the fortress remained that reflected boundaries of the city of that time.

Kherson region is in the steppe zone and has an exit to two seas – Azov and Black. Sandy beaches, spits and peninsulas are situated along the sea coast.

On the beaches a resort service is very well developed. Places of beach rest are covered with golden sand, and the sea is well warmed. Here you can rest with all your family. Prices are quite acceptable. On the territory of Kherson there are two biosphere reserves. A great number of tourists come to Kherson to rest, as here is a unique climate and picturesque nature.

Hydropark is one of many city beaches of Kherson, it is situated on the island Karantinniy. This island was artificially created (by an aggradation). You can get here even by public transport. Not far from the city center there is a quite famous beach that is called Molodyozhniy.